International deliveries

We serve and deliver international shipments from European Union countries

As a consumer, you have the full guarantee that your order will enjoy the same conditions that appear throughout our website. If you want to know them in depth you can access them through this link.

With Abilia we provide service to all the countries of the European Union, and we have partners of accredited solvency to ensure that your order arrives in optimal conditions and in the shortest time possible.

You can choose, depending on your location and need, different delivery services, with different times and costs. We try to help you as much as possible.

You have different payment methods at your disposal. Choose the one you prefer:

You have the choice between different shipping methods, depending on the destination of the order. Depending on the location and speed in which we must deliver it will have the service of Couriers of known solvency:

At we offer you the best product, the best treatment and the best service.

You can trust us

International Distributors

Currently, we are looking for distributors for different countries of the European Union. If you and your company are dedicated to the distribution of certified organic cosmetics in your countries or areas of influence, and you may be interested in distributing Abilia’s products, please contact us and we will attend to your request and resolve your doubts immediately.

You can contact us by e-mail or by calling directly to +34 683 543 776. We will be pleased to help you.