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Abilia, nuestro origen

Our Origins

Abilia. is the result of years of investigation, work, dedication and illusion, bases in ethics and transparency. Our roots are 30 years of handmade cosmetics. Actually we are the result of the fusion between science and alchemy.

Abilia, cosmética


High Quality Cosmetics created with the aim to provide the maximum care to our skin. Its first quality organic ingredients transfer all the power of nature to each product.

Abilia, ética orgánica

Organic Ethics

Making high quality cosmetics affordable to everyone. Ever with love and respect to our mother nature in order to discover all its power.

sello bio acene
sello ecoembes

Why the quality of ABILIA.’s products is unique?

Our formulas are not diluted with water, glycerines, silicones or paraffin. They present a high concentration of actives and 100% natural perfumes.

99.5% of natural ingredients y 70-99% certified organic ingredients publicly shown in every product.

Leading and silky textures, with low content in fat that merge with the skin.

Ingredients of each products carefully selected creating synergies.

New Products

Cosmétiques naturels certifiés biologiques

A distinctive, totally natural and harmonious way to create, to develop and to distribute cosmetic products. Made of the best raw materials and knowledge which nature puts at our disposal. We take care of beauty, health and the environment.

Our active ingredients are of high quality, formulated to improve their efficiency. Our products are free of synthetic compounds, toxic for our skin and our environment. The green is the best alternative for the future, it’s more healthy and full of wisdom.

It is a form of thinking and acting in harmony with our surroundings. We look for the best for our clients, preserving and improving what we have at our disposal to leave a prosperous legacy to those generations that will succeed us.

Preserving, conserving, respecting, recycling and reusing all the products and elements that we use for our elaboration, commercialization and distribution is a fundamental pillar of our philosophy.

With all the guarantees of a High Quality Organic Cosmetics by our natural and Organic cosmetics certifiers.

sello bio abilia
sello bio acene

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