Hi, I’m
Abilia Martín Madera

The creator of the certified natural and ecologic brand ABILIA, I am very grateful to have you here on our webpage.

The origin of Abilia

Here’s what you should know about me and my background. From a very young age, I worked with my parents in the countryside, I lived and grew with the direct energy of the earth, the plants and the animals. From my dad, I learnt the love for his work. My parents loved their animals very much, the same way they took care of their plants – my mother used some medicinal plants for some of our diseases. As an adult, I discovered yoga, another great fortune which life offered me. After years of practice the art of love came out of me through the confection of creams.

In the year 1982, I studied to become forestry foreman in Jaca (Huesca) and there, I was lucky to be able to collaborate with the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), classifying plants for their herbarium. I came into contact with the prestigious botanist Luis Villar and Doctor Monserrat, both doctors in biology.

The next year I started to elaborate creams more often, and I offered them to my friends, after years of receiving good critiques. I dared to participate in handicraft fairs to teach everything I knew as a service for others. Since then, I have animated many classes, have done public distillations, have exposed medicinal plants and have given courses dedicated to recognition, use of medicinal plants and elaboration of ointments.

This way, I have been elaborating my own creams, trying again and again in order to then offer them to my friends. Luckily, they all have had faith in me and have always been my best testers.

This way, my workshop and practice have been ever growing.

Alambique Cobre Artesano
Vision Empresa Abilia

About materials

The materials that I use are ecologic plants, first cold pressing oils, best quality beeswax, dry flowers collected on their corresponding moons, etc. Then, I distillate to transform the plants in essences and floral waters, an essential material for the elaboration of creams. Another transformation are the floral elixirs, extracted through solar infusions of the flowers, with a huge energetic power. Dyes, oil maceration, etc. All this is accompanied by a great love, since I have a good understanding of plants, and I am passionate about finding out that hidden side that is not talked about in botany books. Their magic and energy. I have this innate facility to feel what is beyond what a plant shows, and here I continue working on the inner perception of this wonderful plant world and at the same time of the human being.

Oh! Something I never forget to do when I pick up a plant is to ask her permission for it to help the people who will use it.

With the passing of time, my creams have become well-known and I feel proud about it.

It is a huge satisfaction seeing that people who use the creams of ABILIA recommend them to other people of their family or friendship circles. It is a great pleasure to know that the work of so many years is acknowledged by others. It means these creams work !!!

This growth has brought me, as time passes, to take decisions related to the fabrication and the packaging of my creams, which started in a handcrafted way, and thus also to take decisions about their distribution on the market. This way, I get once again the opportunity to develop new products, which was not possible for a long time. Nature still has a lot to offer and I want to share some of its benefits with you.

Abilia Eco Cosmetics

This is why the global distribution and commercialization of ABILIA is a responsibility for a group of big professionals, those who I personally connected with from the first time we met. We are a team that is happy to work together. The company is called NICS, and I am convinced that our collaboration will be fruitful for all, as well as for those who want to take part in this small community of people who believe that natural things are better.

Similarly, my products are elaborated and packed in a lab that is specialized in natural and ecologic cosmetics, located in Valladolid. It enables me to be sure and safe, knowing that my creams are packaged and produced in the most qualitative way possible.

Many many thanks for giving me your trust, and for believing in my products. I’m sending my wholehearted kisses your way!